Prof Jonathan Gosling

Emeritus Professor at Exeter University, Founder and Director at Pelumbra

Professor Emeritus of Leadership Studies, University of Exeter Business School and Visiting Professor at Renmin University of China (in the School of Philosophy). He was co-founder of the One Planet MBA and is Lead Faculty with the Forward Institute in the UK. He co-founded this ‘RoundTables’ programme with Henry Mintzberg in 2006.

Jonathan works with talented researchers, consultants and organisational insiders to collectively make a significant impact on both the understanding and practice of leadership in contexts as varied as malaria elimination, national defence, food supply chains and small business development. He has published several books and many articles on these topics – most recently about how people use power – for good and ill – based on a study of Napoleon Bonaparte.

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"Success and happiness depend on being connected – to colleagues, customers, investors, partners; also to community and friends, to nature and the physical environment, and between working life and your own ideals and values. Where connectedness is fractured, we experience soulless organisations, miserable people and a desecrated planet. ‘Managing Around the World: Roundtables for experienced managers’ strengthens connections at all levels and gives you practical tools for connected management, business and society."

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