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Dublin, Ireland 2017

It was a well orchestrated experience that allowed attendees to really open up and explore themselves and each other more and more through the week

"I enjoyed how the programme made me feel very at ease to communicate and interact with other students. I learned a lot through this."

A USB MBA Modular group, accompanied by Prof Mias de Klerk, head: Research at USB, went to Dublin, Ireland as part of their International Study Module. They attended the module – Managing around the world: International Roundtables for Practicing Managers – at McGill University. This is their film:

"I loved the fact that the participants were so diverse. I also really appreciate the thoughtfulness with which the programme was put together. In hindsight, the programme makes so much sense and the different days build and skills and learnings of previous days. The visit to Kilmainham jail was also very special."

"It was a really valuable opportunity to take time out to reflect with other experienced managers on how I engage and interact with other members of my team and my boss, to ensure that I am having the best impact I can have in my management role and do this for the benefit of the patients in the public health service."
"This was a management / leadership programme with a difference. It does not tell me how to manage rather helps me understand how to interact with others by better understanding myself."
"I really enjoyed the time to reflect, learning to actively listen, having the opportunity to voice your challenge to fellow managers and learn from their experiences. Learning to communicate and verbalize my problem clearly and getting my head around the true underlying reasons for my challenge."

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