Managing Around the World.

RoundTables for Experienced Managers

19-23 April 2021

Leading and organising for an inclusive economy.

The Programme

Managing Around the World: Roundtables for Experienced Managers is an intensive workshop to look deeply and critically into the way you frame and tackle your own current managerial challenges, drawing on the insights of experienced peers from all over the world, and using advanced consulting methods to devise effective solutions. You will also engage with businesses in the host cities and learn how managers from other sectors and cultures approach the conundrums that are inherent to managerial responsibility. The programme is concentrated into a single week in both on-line or in-person formats.  

As well as solutions to your own managerial challenges, you will learn techniques and receive materials that are immediately useable back in your workplace.

This workshop is the basis for proven organisation, management and leadership development interventions, we also offer a special track for OD and learning professionals to hone, share and perhaps radically redefine your practice. This is an essential requirement if you want to license and run this programme and adapt its various techniques in your own setting. Please ask for details of the facilitator track.

Managing Around the World is designed to explore how things get done in a cross-cultural world, and how to work more effectively. Participants and faculty collaborate in a structured process of analysis, representation, and friendly consulting.

The programme is in 3 parts: the purpose and nature of managerial work and leadership in complex situations;  a look at how leadership is accomplished in a number of other companies; and application to your own circumstances. The contribution of each individual is key, as we are concerned with the reality of leading and managing - however complex it might seem. 


Participants must have current managerial responsibilities. Many attend as part of their Executive MBA programmes at leading international business schools. Others are entrepreneurs or employees of international and local companies, and we keep a few places for professional consultants, policy-makers and political leaders.  

The one week module features:

  • World-class faculty who work alongside participants throughout.

  • Thought-provoking debate and focused enquiry into your own organisation

  • Unique networking opportunities 

  • Advanced skills in observation, analysis and interpretation.

  • Friendly consultation and feedback on your own managerial practice.

COVID-19: Travel and meeting restrictions will prevent all or some of us from gathering in-person in Bristol, possibly throughout 2021. We therefore offer the module over the same 5 days in virtual and blended formats, focusing on your current managerial challenges and leadership aspirations. All formats include interactive group work, field-based inquiry, virtual company visits, friendly consulting and original conceptual input. Some of these require synchronous meetings with participants in other parts of the world, most likely in other time-zones. We will arrange these to be as convenient as possible - please indicate clearly which time zone you will be in at the time of the course you select. Some activities can be done alone or with others in your own organisation, EMBA class. We have faculty members able to support participants in most time zones. 



Setting up the learning network

Introducing the resources in the group and our way of working. Focus on managing and leading – How are they done, in practice?


Below the Surface of Management

Concepts and skills for working with the complex realities of being human, being creative and being part of a wider world


Accomplishing Management

In-depth observations of management in local organisations, to understand power, responsibility and getting things done.


Managing In Action

Case-by-case consultation on the actions you can take.


Impact That Matters

The effects of good management on wider society and value-creation.



We are proud to bring inspirational faculty. They are drawn from across the globe. The programme will be directed by Jonathan Gosling and Richard Bolden. Other faculty will be drawn from the following:

Partners: Business Schools and companies 

"Rebalancing society is top of my mind, and should be for all of us. The EMBA Roundtables is right on in developing the reflective qualities and necessary attitudes to drive that among people who can make that difference."

                                             -Henry Mintzberg


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