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Managing Around the World.
RoundTables for Experienced Managers

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Leading and organising for an inclusive economy

Managing Around the World: Roundtables for Experienced Managers is an intensive workshop to look deeply and critically into the way you frame and tackle your own current managerial challenges, drawing on the insights of experienced peers from all over the world, and using advanced consulting methods to devise effective solutions. You will also engage with businesses in the host cities and learn how managers from other sectors and cultures approach the conundrums that are inherent to managerial responsibility. The programme is concentrated into a single week in both on-line or in-person formats.  

As well as solutions to your own managerial challenges, you will learn techniques and receive materials that are immediately useable back in your workplace.

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About Pelumbra Ltd

A family run business lead by Jonathan Gosling and his daughter Miriam Gage. We are a consultancy practice that supports organisations (and activists within them) in making transitions towards more productive and sustainable ways of working.

A Pelevation Programme: RoundTables Around the Globe

A structured programme created and sustained around the World

With local partners we host variations on the RoundTables principle practices, ideas and tools. From Japan to Kenya, Zimbabwe and the Netherlands. 

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